COOKIES POLICY What are cookies and what are they used for? Cookies are files that the website or app that you’re using installs onto your browser or device (smartphone or tablet) while you visit the portal. They are used to store information about your visit. Like most websites on the internet, our website uses cookies to: – Make sure the web pages work correctly, – Store your preferences, such as the language you’ve selected or the font size. – Find out about your browsing experience. – Gather anonymous statistical information, such as the pages you’ve looked at or how much time you spend viewing our pages. Using cookies means that: – Web pages work correctly in line with user preferences (e.g. saving the language or currency settings or detecting the device used to access the page). – Protection and security levels can be set, which prevent or hinder cyber attacks against the website or its users. Keep in mind that cookies cannot damage your computer and that enabling them helps us detect and fix errors or correct incidents or harmful attacks. – Find out the statistical data collected by the cookies to improve the quality and experience of the website services. – Optimise the advertising shown to users according to their interests. Cookies never generate spam, nor are they a type of virus, spyware or similar. What type of cookies does WASABIJOBS use? WASABIJOBS uses the following cookies: – Technical cookies: designed to make browsing its website easier and to make the services offered to users more effective. They store service settings so you don’t have to configure them every time you visit our website. – Customised cookies: these cookies are used to collect data on your device, which let us adapt our website to your preferences (e.g. language, country, city, etc.) or they are created when you sign up so you don’t have to sign up every time you visit to access the registered user areas and services. – Analytical cookies: these cookies anonymously gather information related to our users’ browser habits. They let us gather statistical data and find out how many times the website is visited, the most viewed content and if the user is new. – Advertising cookies: they let us gather information about the adverts shown on our website so we can adapt advertising to your preferences or provide you with adverts managed by third parties (ad Servers) [WASABIJOBS does not make use of “ad servers” or cookies linked to users to create profiles using preferences and behaviour. If we were to decide to use them in the future, we will inform you]. However, you can disable and/or delete these cookies following the instruction in the following section. Some cookies ("session cookies") are assigned to your mobile phone, tablet or computer when you visit our website and expire when you leave the page. Other cookies ("permanent cookies" or "persistent cookies") expire once they meet their objective or when they are manually deleted. They have a delete date and are normally used to identify you after you’ve registered so you don’t have to enter your password every time you visit the website, to customise your browser experience and purchase our services online. Cookies may be owned by WASABIJOBS or third parties. Own cookies are sent to your device and are managed exclusively by us to render our services and for the better functioning of the website, and previously mentioned objectives. Third-party cookies are used by social media (e.g. when you sign up to a service using your credentials for a social media account, you’re authorising that the social media network can save a persistent cookie that remembers you and guarantees you access to the services until the cookie expires; you can also delete it by updating your preferences on the social network) ad servers or external content embedded on the site (e.g. Google Maps). [WASABIJOBS inserts small, transparent images to its emails which are downloaded when you open them so that we can track if the email is opened or not, and find out which IP downloaded it. This allows us to obtain statistics, analyse our email campaigns and improve our services.] Your choices regarding cookies Cookie settings and disabling cookies By browsing and continuing on our website, you accept our cookies policy. If you do not agree with our cookies policy, you are free to disable, block or delete the cookies from your browser. You can also block or disable cookies after you have given consent to using them. However, you must bear in mind that our services may not work correctly if the cookies are not enabled. For example, you would not be able to remain signed in. Personal data are treated as confidential, in agreement with the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection and implementing regulation, and Spanish Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce, as amended. Updates to our cookies policy We may update our website’s Cookies Policy, which is why we recommend that you review this policy every time you access our website so that you are properly informed about how and why we use cookies.


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